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Arena Ladder I


The Arena Ladder is a team-based, PvP event. It’s held Monday-Friday, from 13:00-14:00 and 21:00-22:00.



- It costs 20 Gold to create an Arena Ladder party

- Party members must be at least level 40.

- The leader names the party.    

- Arena Ladder parties are carried over each day. Parties will be deleted if they have less than one member.

- If a member leaves their party, the points for that party will be reset, and the member will no longer receive party rewards or Personal Points.


Party Points  

- Parties start the Arena Ladder with 1,000 Party Points.

- Once a party has signed up for that day’s Arena Ladder event, they will be auto-matched with opponents.

- Party Points will be sent after each loss/victory.   

- Parties will be splits into 8 tiers, based on how many Party Points they have, and matched accordingly.


Personal Points    

- Party members will receive Personal Points in their Mailbox every Sunday a 00:00.

- Personal Points are based on the number of Party Points that party has accumulated.

- Personal Points can be exchanged for items in the Exchange.

- Parties must participate in at least 10 Arena Ladder battles before their members can begin receiving Personal Points.

- Personal points can be exchanged for rare items like the Legendary Evil Dragon set, and special items such as the Heartshaped Balloon Morph Card.


Bonus Rewards     

- A random reward will be delivered to Arena Ladder party members by mail every Wednesday and Saturday, after they have successfully participated in at least 10 battles.