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Quiz Spectacular

Quiz Spectacular is an event very different from the others. A true test of knowledge, not of Might! Answer correctly, and be rewarded.




Players have 10 seconds to read the question, and 10 seconds to answer. Points are awarded for correct answers. The quicker a question is answered, the more points will be won, so answer quickly!


There are three options players have, to maximize points, better their odds of answering correctly, or having another shot at a question they answered correctly. Each item can only be used once per quiz.

       ·    Double Points: Receive double points for a correctly answered question.

       ·    50/50: Removes half of the wrong answers.

       ·    Do-over: Get another shot at choosing the correct answer.

Players will always be shown the correct answer, even if they answered incorrectly. Learn something, and do better next time!