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Farm I



The Farm is used to grow crops that yield EXP and Silver. Farms start with 3 empty plots. Each plot can have 1 plant at a time. It costs 30 Gold to plow the first extra plot, increasing by 30 Gold for each additional plot. Farms can have a maximum of 8 plots.


Players can plant Experience Trees, and Money Trees. Each comes in 5 varieties: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Experience Trees yield 222,000; 266,400; 333,000; 444,000; and 666,000 EXP respectively. Money Trees yield 225,000; 247,500; 270,000; 337,500; and 450,000 Silver respectively.



Plant Trees

       ·  Click Farm button on the bottom-right of the screen to open the Farm.

       ·  Select a plot.

       ·  Choose to plant an EXP or Money Tree.

       ·  Click Refresh to potentially earn a higher yielding Tree.

       ·  Hit the Plant button.


Refresh Tree Variety

.     ·   Players are always given a Common Tree seed for each planting attempt on any given plot.


       ·  There is a chance to upgrade to a higher yielding seed, at the cost of 2 Gold.

       ·  Click Refresh to attempt to upgrade the seed.

       ·  Subsequent tries to upgrade during the same planting session, increase by 2 Gold per attempt.