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Escort missions become available to players after they’ve reached level 37. It is a great way to earn Silver and Reputation. Escorts come in different levels:  normal, outstanding, excellent, legendary and mysterious. Higher levels grant larger rewards. Talk to Handsome Bill in Lunaria City to accept Escort quests.

 Start Escort Quest

  • Talk with Handsome Bill to open the Escort panel.

  • Click Start Escort to begin the quest. Your character will automatically head for the destination,                 with the NPC Escort following in tow.


Refresh Escort


Click the Refresh button on the Escort panel to refresh the level of your Escort, and potentially earn one of a higher level. Better rewards are given for successful completion of higher level Escort quests. Selecting the Maximum Level button guarantees receiving the highest level of Escort quest.


Interrupted Escorts


There will be a pop-up panel when the escort begins. The pop-up panel can be closed by clicking the ‘X.’ Reopen the panel by clicking the Escort button that appears over the character’s Skill slots at the bottom of the screen. Click Start in the Escort panel to have the character automatically head to the Escort quest location.




Check the Daily Events tab of the Events panel, to find events that double escort rewards.