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Divination is a way to earn Talent Points and Vigor. Vigor is the only item that can be used in the game for class promotion. Once players earn enough Vigor, they can promote their class to the next level, awarding stat boosts. Certain promotions require them to challenge the Class

Guide in Lunaria City.

         • Talent Points are used to learn Talent Skills. They are the only way to learn and upgrade these.

       • Open the Divination Chamber by clicking the Divination icon on the top-right of the screen.

       • Divination becomes available after level 50 is reached.

       • Divination can be done 10 times daily. It resets everyday at 00:00.

       • The Divination fate can also be changed 10 times daily. Use these available changes wisely, to earn better           fates, and maximize Talent Points and Vigor earned.

       • Libella Sei is the best fate.


 Divination fates have 6 levels. Higher levels earn more Talent Points, Vigor, and EXP for the Divination  Chamber. Leveling up the Divination Chamber increases these rewards. Use all 10 daily Divination  attempts to maximize this.


 How to check a character’s Vigor and Talent Points:

    Listed in the Divination Chamber

   • Hover menu that pops up when mousing over a character avatar in the top-left of the screen


 Be cautious with fate changes. After a few attempts, it may be wise to accept the fate given, and  move  on to the next Divination attempt.