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Demon Tower Defense



This instance is open for parties consisting of 2-5 players, level 40 or higher. Demons and monsters respawn on 2 floors of the tower, with 10 on each floor. There are 30 waves that need to be defeated, in order to clear the instance.


Game Rules

   • This instance has two difficulties: one is normal, and the other [Heroic]. Monsters fought in [Heroic] instances are much more difficult.

   • After a wave spans, the monsters in that wave will attempt to march past you, to the portal. If 100 of them reach it, then the players fail the instance.

   • Players should fight to keep the monsters from reaching the Portal. They can clear the instance if they are able to survive all 30 waves, and keep less than 100 monsters from reaching the portal.

   • Monsters come in two varieties: one has high PATK, and the other high MATK. They have the same appearance, but watch what they say closely, and you may be able to tell which is which.

   • Chests and jars found throughout the map contain buffs. Break them to receive temporary stat boosts. These items respawn, and Buffs they contain may change.


    Maximize the damage per second (DPS) the team can deal to ensure victory. The more players in the party, the better the odds of clearing the instance.

   • Be a team player. Form parties with a good mix of classes to optimize and balance your strategy. For example, Swordsmen might tank monsters, while the Hunters and Mages do as much damage as possible from a distance.

   • Also, break those jars, and use those buffs! They can make the difference between victory, and defeat.