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Battle of Might



The Battle of Might begins everyday at 19:30, and lasts for a half an hour. Any player level 40 or higher can join. Click the Battle of Might icon on the top-right of the screen to enter.


Players are automatically assigned to one of three teams: yellow, red and blue. This is shown at the top of the character’s avatar. The system auto-balances teams.




Potions cannot be used in the Battle of Might, however, Chicken can be found scattered throughout the map. If consumed, it has the effect of restoring HP. When a player dies, they respawn in their team’s safe-zone, with full HP and MP. From there, they can choose to re-enter the Battle.


There is no friendly fire, so players can freely attack the opposing teams without worrying about hurting their team mates.

There are various platforms in the map. Use them wisely, optimize your attacks, and strategize with your team to maximize the damage you inflict.


Kill streaks, achieved without dying, earn you titles in the Battle of Might. A kill streak of 3 opponents earns you the title of "Rampage;" five gets you "Killing Spree;” and so on. Players who end another’s Kill streak can earn bonuses.



  Points: Killing another player gets you 50 points. Points are not earned for killing the same player            in a short period of time. Your death also awards you 10 points. Bonus points are awarded for                  shutting down a player’s Kills treak. The max limit of points is 10,000.

 • End of Streak: Bonus points are given for ending another player’s kill streak. They are as follows:

 o Ending a player’s "Rampage" streak gives you 50 points

 o Ending a player’s "Killing Spree" streak gives you 100 points

 o Ending a player’s "Dominating" streak gives you 200 points

 o Ending a player’s "God-like" streak gives you 300 points

 o Ending a player’s "Legendary" streak gives you 500 points



If a player dies, when they respawn, they are given a Buff that boosts Max HP and Attack by 10%. This Buff can be compounded up to 20 times. Additionally, players who are given Buffs will have them reduced if they kill another player.




The top ten players on each team earn special rewards. Players who are not in the Top 10 also receive awards valued according to their rank on the team, as long as they earned more than 100 points in the Battle. 3 Gift Packs are awarded to those on the team that finished first, 2 for the second place team, and 1 for the third place team.