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Warrior Duel


    • Warrior Duel is active every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 20:30 to 21:00. It is available to all                 players level 40 and above.

    • No other instances can be entered during the matching and battle segments of the Warrior Duel. 

    • Health and Mana Packs may not be used during the instance, so be careful with a character's HP.


    • During the event, HP can't be recovered, unless a character is defeated. Mana recovers between rounds,            however. 

    • A loss restores a character's HP for the event, but also resets their winning streak. 

    • Inspiration can be used to as a temporary Buff to increase HP during the event by 20%.

    • Inspiration can be used up to 5 times, for a total of twice a character's normal HP.

    • Inspiration expires when the instance ends. If a character dies, their HP will be restored according to their          level of Inspiration. If a player exits and returns to the instance, they will have the same level on Inspiration.

    • Exiting the instance will end that character's winning streak and exit the event.

Warrior Points

    • Every victory earns 10 Warrior Points. Being defeated earns 5 Warrior Points. 

    • A winning streak awards Warrior Point bonuses. Each victory in the streak provides a bonus of 10 points. For            example, if a character's current winning streak is 4, and they win a duel, they will be awarded 50 Warrior Points          for that round. 

    • Winning streaks do not carry over from day to day.

    • The victor of each Warrior Duel earns their 10 points for winning, plus any of the Warrior Point bonuses their              partner may have received. 

    • A maximum 3,000 Warrior Points can be earned in one Warrior Duel instance. 

    • Warrior Points can be exchanged in the Points tab of the Exchange panel for orange Equipment.