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Star Palace Ruins I


       The Star Palace Ruins is a solo, PvE instance. Click the Star Palace Ruins icon on the top-right of the screen to
       enter the instance. Take on rooms full of opponents, with monster level adapting to player level. Each wave
       completed nets EXP, Silver, and Star Spirit. Each level in the ruins has a 5 minute time limit. The faster a room
       is cleared, the bigger the rewards.


       •  The difficulty rises according to the current level a player is in the ruins.

       •  Every ten floors there is a Boss battle.

       •  Monsters have high HP and DEF, so players who have attacks have a high area of effect (AoE), may be more                   successful defeating them.

       •  Bosses reward players with special items. They have high Dodge, DEF and Shield, which makes players who
          have high Critical Strike and powerful skills suited for them.

       •  HP and Mana packs cannot be used inside the Ruins, but each new level automatically restores both before the             battle begins.

       •  Players are allowed to reset to level 1, once per day. They can then auto-simulate all the levels they had                             previously  beaten, which quickly gains large amounts of Silver and Star Spirit.

       •  The first player to clear a level, as well as the player who has the fastest clearing time, will be displayed in
          pop-ups that appear at the top of the screen within the instance.