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Shark's Lair


   Shark's Lair is an instance designed for 2-5 players in Lunaria Story. It becomes available once an                      Adventurer reaches level 40. This instance has 2 bosses, Glacius and Pyros. Players are urged to form a            party of 5 members to clear it, as this instance can be very difficult.


     • Glacius is the blue Shark Brother, and has high HP, high PDEF and high MATK.

     • Pyros is the red Shark Brother, and has high dodge, high PATK and high MDEF.


     • Healing: the Shark Brothers will heal each other if they are close, about 10% of their Max HP each time. 

     • Revive: the Brothers must be killed at the same time, otherwise the one who is still alive will revive the               other after 10 seconds.


     • Form a Party of five members for the instance, as the Shark Brothers are very strong.

     • Ensure the Party has a balance of classes, with different members taking on roles suited for their class.

     • Victory is difficult, but possible, with smaller Parties of 3-4 players.

     • Enter the instance with only 2 party members, nightmares are a preferred way of spending time.