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Seals become available to players after they reach level 45. They are a great way to enhance attributes. When Seals reach max level, they can provide nearly a quarter of your character’s Might. Each Seal has a max level of 15, and may carry one of the following qualities: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (orange). Normal Seals have no value, but can be sold for Seal Points. There is also a special Red Seal which can add 1,000 Seal EXP to another Seal.



- Click the Seal button on the bottom-right part of the screen.

- Select one of the activated monsters to receive a Seal. Non-activated monsters will be grayed out.

- The Demon Chest will always be activated, and available to select. The others may by chance become active during each turn, but only one at a time.

- The monsters rise in level, from left to right. Higher level monsters have a chance to produce greater quality Seals.

- When a monster produces a Seal, it can either be picked up, or sold for Seal Points. Normal Seals can only be sold.

- Seal Points can be used in the Seal Exchange, to trade for Legendary Seals.

- After a Seal is picked up, it goes to the Seal pack. From there the player can equip it by double-clicking, or dragging and dropping it to a free Seal slot.

- Players receive two free Seal slots at level 45. An additional slot opens every five levels after that.



- New Seals start with 0 EXP. EXP is earned by combining Seals.

- Higher quality Seals add more EXP when combined.

- Seals can be combined by dragging and dropping one Seal onto another. The Seal you drag, will be consumed by the other.

- Once a Seal has enough EXP, it will level up, and provide an even larger attribute bonus.

- You can also use the Combine All button to combine all of the Uncommon Seals in the pack.

- The Seal with the highest level will consume the other Uncommon Seals when Combine All is used. If all Seals are the same level, this combination is random.