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Romantic Interlude II

     Boss Tips

     • Sex Transformation: The Boss will change their sex during the battle. This can be confirmed by looking at                 the symbol (♂ for male and ♀ for female) above it. Once the Boss has changed sex, partners should change             their strategy. One should act as a tank, absorbing damage, while the other deals damage.

     • PATK and MATK: Boss can use skills with both PATK and MATK. Only those who have high Might, stand a                good chance of clearing the instance. The Buffs for married couples will greatly increase a party’s odds of                  victory.

     • Going Berserker: Each time the Boss loses 10% of their total HP, they will go berserker, which temporarily                 greatly increases their ATK. Both partners will also be able to deal their normal amounts of Damage as well, so            they should plan carefully how they’ll handle this situation.

     • Defeating monsters awards many Accuracy and Dodge Gems.

     • Clearing the instance rewards players with large amounts of EXP and silver. Married couples get double                       rewards.