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Romantic Interlude I


For male and female parties, only. If a married couple enters the Romantic Interlude, they will receive the Birds of a Feather and Eternal Bond Buffs. The Birds of a Feather Buff grants a 30,000 DEF boost. Eternal Bonds Buff provides a 30,000 ATK increase. Couples will also receive double rewards.


Parties must consist of one male, and one female.

     •  Each team member must be at least level 45.


•  Players will encounter 5 waves of monsters in this instance. Each wave includes 20 monsters.

•  New waves will spawn once the previous wave of 20 monsters has been cleared.

•  The Boss will appear after all waves are cleared.

•  The instance is cleared after boss has been killed.

•  Players fighting monsters of the same sex will only do one point of damage per hit. Players fighting          monsters of the opposite sex will do damage as usual.