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Purification is a way to increase the attributes for Legendary Equipment (Orange). These attributes include: HP; MP; Max Physical Attack; Max Magic Attack; Physical Defense; Magic Defense; Dodge; Accuracy; Critical Strike; Explosive Damage; and Tenacity. Purification is also a great way to enhance Might.



- Only Legendary (orange) equipment can be purified.

- Each piece of Equipment has 3 attributes that can be purified.

- Click Forge, and choose the Purification tab.

- Equipment comes with one attribute already activated. To turn on the other 2, click Activate.

- Select Purify to begin the Purification process. Sometimes stats may go up, and sometimes they may go down.

- Click the lock to keep attributes from being changed during Purification. Unlock it if better

 attributes are gained, and accepting the changes is desirable.

- The cost is the same to purify 1, 2, or 3 attributes.

- Attributes can be purified to 5 levels: white, green, blue, purple, orange. Green is higher than white, blue is higher than green, etc.

- Purification consumes Purification Stones, or Gold. Purification Stones can be obtained by trading Warrior Points.



- Different types of characters can be built, depending on what gets purified.

- For a Tank type character, high Physical Defense, Magic Defense, HP, and Tenacity is required.

- To progress far in the Star Palace Ruins, then high Critical Strike, Explosive Damage and Accuracy is desired.