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Overview II

Experience Trials: Players have two chances per day to clear the instance and get tons of experience for taking down monsters and bosses. You can gain access to the instance by talking with the Experience Expert in Lunaria City.


Combo King: Players have only one chance per day to clear the instance. Get higher combos!  You can gain access by talking with Combo Master in Lunaria City.


Goddess Defense: Players have only one chance per day to clear the instance. Fight back demons, and defend the Goddess Statue. Be rewarded with huge amounts of EXP and Gems.


World Boss: Open from 10:30-11:30 and 16:30-17:30 every day. Defeat the Sea Demon King and get lots of EXP and Presige. Learn valuable strategies to assist in battle. For example, his ultimate attack takes approximately 20 seconds to prepare. Use this opportunity to fall back, and plan your next move.


Field Bosses: The Angry Sea God and Spirit Protector Ape respawn multiple times throughout the day, and have drops of unique gems.


Battle of Might: Open from 7:30-8:00, every day. Click the Battle of Might Icon on the top-left of the screen to join the battle directly. Players are separated into yellow, red and blue legions by the system automatically. Fight for Battle Point, Items, and glory!


Star Palace Ruins: Earn huge amounts of Star Spirit, EXP, and Silver, by clearing the Star Palace Ruins. Other than Meditation, clearing the Star Palace Ruins is the only way to get Star Spirit. Use it for Astrology, and boost character stats.