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Lucky Dice


Lucky Dice take place every Sunday, from 8:30-9:00am. Roll the dice, and be rewarded. It is available to all players level 30 and above. It’s accessed by clicking the “Lucky Dice” icon on the top-right of the screen, 5 minutes before the event start time.



- Participants appear in the left-hand column. Each room holds a max of 10 players.

- Prizes won can be check on the bottom-right hand part of the panel.

- Click the dice on the table to roll. Each player has 10 seconds to roll dice, before they forfeit their turn.

- Click the "Prank" button while an opponent is rolling, to mess up their dice.

- Prank can be done for free, 3 times. Each additional Prank costs 2 Gold.

- The event will end when either all prizes have been claimed, or time runs out.

- Prizes are sent by mail.



- 6 dice are rolled per turn.

- 1 six earns the Common Gift Pack. 32 of these can be won per event.

- 2 sixes wins the Uncommon Gift Pack. 16 of these can be won per event.

- 3 sixes gets the Rare Gift Pack. 8 of these can be won per event.

- 4 matching dice, of anything but a 6, receives the Epic Gift Pack. 4 of these can be won per event.

- 1-6 earns the Legendary Gift Pack. 2 of these are awarded each event.

- 4 sixes wins the High Roller Gift Pack. Only 1 of these is awarded per event.

- As participants roll 4 sixes, the advantage is given to the player whose other 2 dice are higher. If they are the same, the player who first rolled the 4 sixes maintains the advantage.