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Icy Impasse


The Icy Impasse is a single player Boss battle, in which players face off against the Ice Lotus Sprite. It can be entered by clicking Icy Impasse, found in the Daily tab of the Events menu.



The Ice Lotus Sprite has three main skills:

- Ice Storm: summons an ice storm to attack her enemies.

- Ice Elf: summons several Ice Elves, which attack players.

- Cloak and Dagger: becomes invisible, and stabs players from behind.


Before the Ice Lotus Sprite uses a Skill, she will be surrounded by a red aura. Jump, or try climbing up the chain on the left-hand part of the map, to dodge her attacks, and take her down.



Players can collect Luck Gems, which the Ice Lotus Sprite drops during the instance. If they search however, they can also find hidden treasure chests, which contain many Gems. To reach it, players must climb up the chains and platforms, to the top of her dwelling. It’s a real challenge, even for the best of platformers. Swordsmen may have an easier time reaching it, using one of their Skills…