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Goddess Defense


Goddess Defense can be accessed by speaking with the Lunaria City Guard. The instance can also be found in the Instances tab of the Events interface. It becomes available after reaching level 38. There are two difficulty levels: Goddess Defense, and Goddess Defense [Heroic]. Each can be cleared two times per day.


- The goal is to protect the Goddess Statue from the monsters.

- They will not attack the player, but do attack the statue!

- Monsters spawn in 30 second waves. There are a total of 20 waves. Each wave gets increasingly stronger.

- Defeating 30 monsters makes the "Rage of Goddess" skill available, which clears out any remaining enemies in the current wave.

- The monsters in the final several waves get fairly strong, with high HP and DEF, so be careful of when “Rage of Goddess” is used.



Monsters in this instance drop a lot of DEF Gems. A treasure chest is also awarded every ten kills. Each chest must be opened, before the next one will appear, so claim the chest as soon as you receive it!