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Gems II


     Helmet: Health Gems

    • Swordsman and Hunter's Weapon: PATK Gems

    • Mage's Weapon: MATK Gems

    • Top: PDEF Gems

    • Pants: MDEF Gems

    • Bracelet: Accuracy Gems

    • Shoes: Dodge Gems

    • Gloves: Critical Rate Gems

    • Ring: Critical Damage Gems

    • Badge: Shield Gems

    • Necklace: Rage Gems

     Equipment to be embedded can be chosen from the top-right of the panel. Gems can be chosen from the                       bottom-right. Embedding the Gem into the available slot is accomplished by clicking the Embed button.

     Gems can also be safely removed from their embedded Equipment. There must free space in the Backpac to do         so. 

     PDEF and MDEF Gems

     •    The Demon Tower Defense instance drops large amount of PDEF and MDEF gems. Each defeated wave of                    monsters will drop many level 1 Gems.

     • To enter this instance, speak with the Lunaria City Guard.

     •   The Demon Tower Defense instance resets every day. 

     • Waves spawn in 30 second intervals.