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Gems I


      Each piece of Equipment can be embedded with up to five Gems.

      Gem Synthesis

      •  It takes 4 lower level Gems to synthesize a higher level one. 

      •  The synthesized Gem will take on the attributes of 3 of the Gems used to synthesize it.

      •  The Synthesis success rate for Gems is 100%.

      •  You can use the Batch Synthesize button to quickly synthesize multiple Gems

      •  Higher level Gem Synthesis requires more silver.


      •  Embedding is a good way to greatly enhance a character’s Might.

      •  Click the Gems button to open the panel, and choose Embedding tab. The success rate for Embedding is                        100%.

      •  Each piece of Equipment can be Embedded with five gems, and some Gems can only be embedded into                        certain types of Equipment.