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Farm II


Harvesting an EXP Tree results in an 8 hour cooldown time, during which no Trees can be planted on that plot. Money Trees have no cooldowns. 

Plots that have been upgraded once, to red, have a cooldown time of 6 minutes. Plots that have been upgraded to black have a cooldown time of 4 minutes. 

Players can use 10 cooldowns daily, to automatically set this time to zero. Once all 10 free daily cooldowns have been used, it costs 40 Gold to immediately reset cooldown times. 

Cooldown time cost slowly decreases in accordance with how much cooldown time is left. 

Purchase Seeds

You need seeds to plant silver trees. You have 8 seeds for start.

When you have no more than 8 seeds, system will give you one every 3 hours. While you will not get extra seeds if you have already eight.

You can click Purchase botton on the bottom-left of screen to spend Gold for extra seeds.

Plow Plots

Click on a plot that has not yet been plowed.

Upgrade Plots

Players can upgrade each plot, which raises crop yields by 20% for the first upgrade to red land, and 40% for the second upgrade, to black. 

All plots must be upgraded to the first level, to begin upgrading to the next level.