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   Some titles are showed on the top of characters. How can I get it?
Top ten players in the Rankings in the server can get those titles.
  Can I trade with other players in the game?
The function is not supported currently.
  Where can I find the VIP rights in the game?
You can click VIP botton on the left of your character's image on the top-left of the screen and open VIP panel to get 
detailed information.
   Where can I find team members' informaion?
Click Party botton beside mini map and choose My Party tab.
   How can I get quick silver? Where can I earn silver besides Escort and Silver Instances?
You can collect you wealth through World Boss, Farm, Star Palace Ruins, etc.
   Where is Mystery Shop?
You can find Mystery Shop by talking with Enigmatic Elementalist in Lunaria City and Maze Merchant in Maze 
   How can I recharge?
1. When you want to use some functions in the game without enough Gold, a recharge message will pop up.
2. Click Recharge botton on the top of your character's image and open the recharge webpage.
3. Click VIP icon beside your character's image and click Recharge botton.
4. Click Recharge botton below Shop icon on the bottom-right of the screen. 
   How can I switch on/of music in the game?
Click Speaker icon around Shop icon.
   Where can I find shorcut settings?
Click Settings botton around Shop icon and choose Keyboard Settings tab.
 There are too mant players in my screen! How can I hide them?
When there are too mant players in the map, a message will pop up for hide other players. You can also click Hide 
Other Players botton around Shop icon.