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How do I increase my character’s Might?

Quality, high level equipment and gems will offer high attribute bonuses, affecting your character’s Might. Training your character and pet will also help improve your Might. In addition, mastering the Astrology and Seal systems will increase your Might.


Where can I purchase potions?

You can purchase potions though the Shop or through the medicine vendor in town. VIP players can also open their backpacks and purchase potions through the portable shop.


Where can I see how much Gold and Silver I have?

Simply open your backpack and you can view how much Gold and Silver you current have.


How do I add a friend?

To add a friend, you must first open the Friends panel, located left of the mini-map. Next, click the add button and input the name of the character you wish to add as a friend.


How do I form a party?

To form a party, you must first open the Party panel, located left of the mini-map. Next, click the Form Party button. Once you have formed a party, you may then invite nearby players.


How do I create a guild?

To create a guild, open up the Guild panel and click the Create button. Creating a guild requires a Guild Founding Certificate, which may be purchased in the Shop.

How do I activate AFK Mode?

Lunaria Story provides its players with an AFK mode to enhance their gaming experience. To activate AFK mode, open up the AFK mode panel, located left of the mini-map. Within this panel, you may select which skills you would like to be used and which items you will pick up.


How can I earn extra Silver?

Completing quests, taking part in various events and farming will earn your extra Silver. Players may also use the Gold Chest, allowing them to exchange Gold for Silver.


My pet’s happiness is zero. What do I do?

To increase your pet’s happiness, you must feed it. Pet Feed may either be purchased in the Shop or obtained in Pet Place instance.


What is Power used for?

Power is consumed when using the Astrology system. Players will recover 5 points every half hour. An additional 50 points is recovered at 12:00 and 18:00 daily. Players may also consume Gold to increase their character’s Power.


How can I receive the highest meditation bonuses?

Players will receive more experience when co-meditating with another player. Co-meditating with a player of the opposite sex will provide even greater experience bonuses.


What is the basic requirement in impeaching a guild leader?

Once a guild leader has been offline for more than 72 hours, guild members may impeach the guild leader.