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How do I log into Lunaria Story?

First, visit the official Lunaria Story website and create an R2Games account. Once you have created an account, login using your new account information and select one of the Lunaria Story servers.


How do I create a character?

You must first select a Lunaria Story server. Once you have selected a server, simply click a class and input a character name.


How do I link an item in a chat channel?

To link an item, click the item and select Link in the drop-down menu. This will link your item in your current chat channel.


Where can I view the keyboard settings?

There are two keyboard layouts, which can be found under the Keyboard tab in the System Settings panel. The System Settings panel can be found just above the Shop button.


What is the Reward Board?

Unlocked at level 36, the Reward Board in Lunaria City offers daily reward quests. Complete these quests to receive experience and Silver! Only three reward quests may be accepted at any given time. The Reward Board can be reset, offering new reward quests by consuming Gold.


How do I recharge?

To recharge, you may either visit the official R2Games store or click the Recharge button in-game.


There are too many players on my screen! Is there a way to hide them?

To hide players, click the eye icon, located above the Shop icon. This will hide all other players from your screen.