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  How can I get wings?
You can get wings from Shop and Gift Pack of first recharge.
  What else does the wings require for upgrade besides silver?
They also require Start Feather.
  How can I get my wings upgraded?
Click Wings icon on the bottom-right of the screen and click Upgrade botton to upgrade your wings.
  How can I get costume?
You can get costume by Shop and Recharge. Some costumes can be exchanged with Costume Pieces. 
  Where can I exchange costume with Costume Pieces?
Click Exchange botton below the mini map, choose Items tab and click Items Exchange.
  Where is Synthesis panel?
Click Forge icon on the bottom-right of the screen and choose Synthesis tab to open the panel.
  Why can't I use Purification?
Only mysterious equipments can be purified.
  What kinds of materials does Purification consume?
Silver, Gold and Purification Stone. You can replace partly Gold with Purification Stone.