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  What's the auto-loot botton?
"~" botton on the top of Tab.
  The servers are too crowded! Have you extra lines?                    
  We have automatic lines-access which will be activated when there are too mant players in the map.            
  Where can I claim my gift pack in the game?
After you get redeem code, you can click Welfare botton to open the panel and choose Gift Packs tab to claim.
  What is the most convenient way to unlock slots in my backpack?
We provide you with free uplock. You can unlock one slot once the cooldown is over.
  Why am I always killed by others in maps while in AFK mode?
Please check whether you have switched to Peace Mode. There are only a few maps where forced PK is allowed. 
You can avoid battles as long as you are in Peace Mode in most maps.
  Does each VIP claim the same VIP rewards everyday?
No, your VIP rewards per day depends on VIP level. The higher level you have, the better rewards you can get.
  Why do I get less EXP than others when we are all meditating?
There are four kinds of meditation: single, with homosexuality, with heterosexuality and with spouse. 
 Each of them gives you different EXP buff.
  Someone always opens a private chat with me and sends spams, which troubles me a lot.
  You can                             
  Where can I check my Charm?
1. Click Rankings botton below the mini map and choose Charm Rankings tab.
2. Stay your mouse on your character's image and there will be a pop-up with Charm.
  Why is swordsman's accuracy so low? I get bunches of miss when I am farming monsters.
Every class has advantages as well as weakness. Swordsman has low accuracy but high defense. 
 You can enhance attributes by seal, enchanting, gems, astrology, pet, etc.