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Equipment Synthesis


Create more powerful Equipment with Synthesis. To do so, players will need a piece of Equipment to serve as a base, certain materials, and Synthesis Scrolls.

Synthesis Scrolls

Talk with Kiki in Lunaria City to access the Material Grove instance. Three different intstances correspond with the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced items that they drop.

These materials can be exchanged for Synthesis Scrolls. Click the Exchange button under the mini-map. Select the Exchange button for the Equipment Exchange, and choose an item to see what is required to exchange for it. 

The Enigmatic Elementalist also sells certain materials required for Synthesis in his Mystery Shop


Open the Forge, and choose the Synthesis tab.

Click a piece of Equipment on the right, to add it to the Synthesis panel on the left. Required materials and Synthesis Scrolls should appear. Click Synthesize to create the new piece of Equipment.


Synthesized Equipment will retain the Enhancement levels of the base piece of Equipment

Synthesized Equipment will retain the Embedded Gems from the base piece of Equipment

Synthesis is free if all of the required materials are possessed. Players can also opt to use Gold, if they do not have all of the proper materials.

Materials and scrolls can be sold to the Equipment Shop owner to earn Silver.