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Equipment Succession


Equipment Succession allows players to take the Enhancement level from one piece of Equipment, and transfer it to another. It is very helpful for saving Silver, which one would need to spend to Enhance Equipment. Equipment Succession requires Succession Scrolls, which can be bought in the Shop.


- The Enhancement level for Equipment placed in the new slot must be lower than the Enhancement level of the Equipment placed in the old slot.

-The piece of Equipment that’s placed in the old slot, will have its Enhancement level reset to 0 after a successful Succession.

- Equipment has different Enhancement limits, based on its Equipment level. For example, if a piece of Equipment has a level of 40, it can be Enhanced to level 60. If a player tries to use Succession from another piece of Equipment that has been enhanced to level 80, the new piece of Equipment will be Enhanced only to level 60, and 20 levels of Enhancement will be lost.

- The number of Succession Scrolls required for Succession depends on the Enhanced level of the equipment. For example, if a player is attempting to use Succession on a piece of Equipment that’s been Enhanced to level 20, it will require 2 Succession Scrolls. If they are trying to use Succession on a piece of Equipment that’s been Enhanced to level 40, it will require 4 Succession Scrolls.

- Players are able to preview the Enhancement level of the new Equipment before confirming their decision.

- Equipment Succession will not transfer Gems and other attributes. They will need to be transferred in their respective systems.

- Players can click on a piece of Equipment, to remove it from Succession, and replace it with another.