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Combo King


The Combo King is a solo PvE instance. Select Combo King in the Instances tab of the Events panel, to enter it. There are a large number of enemies in this instance, which is useful for building up a Combo Buff. There is also a Boss. Once a group of monsters has been cleared, a new group will spawn, with even greater EXP.



-The Boss has high ATK, DEF, and Tenacity, which makes them difficult to defeat. Players should not attempt to take on the Boss, until they have built up enough of a Combo Buff, perhaps 2x.

- Combos Buffs expire, so watch how much time is remaining, and don’t dilly dally once it has gotten high enough to take on the Boss.

- Players can also challenge the Boss, without building up a Buff. It’s only recommended for those who have high Might, but is an efficient way to collect loot.

- Use HP and MP Packs wisely in battle. It may be wise to do some damage to the Boss, fall back to the slope when HP is low, regain health with a pack, and then attack again.

-  Each round of monsters respawns with increasingly greater levels of EXP. It’s not a bad way to earn it!